Keeping your fleet moving.

Tankr is committed to providing on-demand and dependable fuel delivery services for fleet vehicles. Our dedicated team guarantees that your fleet will always be fueled and prepared for the road ahead, allowing you to save valuable time and energy.


Delivery designed to keep your fleet on the road.

Our specialized "mini tankers" are capable of carrying multiple products and are built to perform in any situation: big or small.

Fleet Fueling

Our most popular offering. We arrive during your business' off-hours and refuel each asset individually, so your employees don't spend company time at the pump. Typical assets include commercial vehicles, tanks, heavy equipment, etc. Gasoline and (Clear) Diesel available.

Fleet Fueling

Disaster Relief Refueling

In times of tragedy, we're here to help. We partner with local suppliers in the affected area to provide fuel where and when it is needed. Capable of providing fuel for vehicles, generators, or tanks anywhere in the continental US. Reach out today to be prepared if disaster strikes.

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DEF & Lubes

Need additives or grease? We can help you there, too. We have partnered with one of the south's premier lube distributors to provide high quality products at affordable prices delivered directly to your door.

DEF & Lubes

What does the sign-up process look like?.

1. Needs Assessment

We work directly with your fleet manager to learn more about your fleet and how we can help. We'll learn more about the makeup of your fleet, overall fuel consumption, and work together to create a schedule that fits your fueling needs.

2. Trial Run

We'll run a two week trial based on the observations and decisions made during the needs assessment period. At the conclusion of this trial, we'll make any necessary adjustments to the delivery schedule, price, or anything else needed.

3. Start Seeing the Benefits

Your employees show up each morning to a tank that has been topped off, and you figure out how you're going to spend all the extra money they will be making you.

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Fleet fueling is a no brainer for companies who are serious about maximizing their efficiency. Eliminate wasted labor hours and increase productivity. That's a win-win. - Steve D.