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Cut the fleet cards-- and the problems that come with them.

Convenient fuel delivery
Reliable service

“The first step to maximizing efficiency is eliminating unnecessary to-do's. Contact us today to see how Fueling-as-a-Service can help take your business to the next level.”

Owen Carpenter, Co-Founder

Owen Carpenter, Co-Founder


Convenient and Reliable Fuel Delivery

Save time, maximize productivity, and eliminate theft by swapping to Tankr

Save time and effort

With on-site fleet refueling, you no longer have to waste company time at the pump. We deliver fuel during your off-hours, so your fleet is refueled and ready to go when you are.

Save time and effort

Maximize productivity

Geotab studies have shown the average fill-up can take 20+ minutes per vehicle. Reclaiming that downtime and turning it into revenue-producing activity could mean the difference between a stay-cation and a week in Nantucket... you tell us which sounds better.

<span>Maximize productivity</span>

Eliminate theft

By outsourcing your fuel delivery, you remove the risk of the fraud that is commonly associated traditional fleet cards and take total control of your company's fuel management program.

<span>Eliminate theft</span>

"We are lucky to have a team of driven individuals who are passionate about maximizing productivity and helping businesses do the same by eliminating time spent on tedious chores."

Jackson Carpenter, Co-Founder


How much does it cost?

Because each fleet is unique, so are the costs associated with keeping them refueled. Reach out to us so we can get to know one another and provide you with a quote tailored for your specific fleet.

What time of day you deliver?

We deliver our fuel at night when your vehicles are idle, so our drivers have the chance to top off each tank and make sure they will be ready for when your work begins the next day.

Do you only deliver to vehicles?

No! We work with you to provide a fuel solution for any need you may have-- vehicles, skid tanks, generators, heavy equipment, and more.

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Tankr has been a game-changer for our fleet management. Their reliable fuel delivery services have saved us time and improved our efficiency. We highly recommend their services. - Mia Allen